I love my home with all my heart. If it were up to me, my home would be spotless at all times. I love having a home that is neat and tidy all the time, one that always smells clean and fresh. Unfortunately, when you have a family this is not always possible.

Our living room used to be beautiful, the kind of place that you love to show off to guests. I used to enjoy sitting in the living room and just relaxing. I used to love the way that our living room was clean and ready for use.

That was before my family started messing up the room. And having pets doesn’t help when it comes to messes. You might think that I am exaggerating when I complain about the mess that has overtaken my home, but I am not exaggerating at all. Really, you have not met my family.

Have you ever had dogs in your home who think that the living room is their own personal space? Have you ever had pets in your home who think that your carpet – your beautiful and perfect carpet – is their bathroom? Then, you have no idea what I am dealing with. 

Seriously, it does not get much worse than this. So, my pets choose to go to the bathroom on my living room floor… guess what comes about after that. That’s right, my toddlers choose to copy the pets. Why do kids always choose to follow the examples of the pets instead of the other way around?

I feel like I could both laugh and cry at the same time as I watch my children and pets turn my living room into a complete mess. It is so crazy that it is almost funny. It is so funny that it makes me want to cry. Yeah, that’s right, my emotions are a wreck. Which doesn’t help my carpets any. I don’t shed enough tears to get the carpet cleaned up! 

You would think that my husband would be my rock in the midst of all that is going on with my living room carpet, but no. My husband uses the pets and children as an excuse for him to be messy, too. 

He tosses dirty clothing on the floor – ignoring the smell of his own sweat (of course). He tosses crumbs of food on the floor, and feeds the pets directly off of it. And does he help with the mess? No, he does not. My husband is a caveman. He just makes the mess worse. I am tired of dealing with all of this. I am tired with the mess. 

And then, a miracle occurred! I called Classy Carpet Cleaning. They came over in just a few days and got to work. A few hours later and I had my carpets back again. Like new! Seriously, the girls in the Bridge Club are going to think I bought new carpets! They even have that nice new carpet smell!

I am resolved never to allow my carpets to get messy again. My living room is no longer a bathroom, but an inviting space that I can be proud of. My husband can entertain his friends in the garage – or the bathroom. I have padlocked the living room shut.

I cannot believe the kind of change that was brought about in my home. My carpets look like new. My carpets smell like new. My living room is amazing! My living room is a space that I want to be in. 

Alone, with my carpets.