Livermore residents take pride in their homes. Maintaining a happy, healthy home requires more than just keeping up with the Joneses when it comes to curb appeal. It also means ensuring that the home’s flooring is in good condition.

With professional carpet cleaning livermore ca residents don’t have to worry about whether their carpets will make a good impression on guests and provide residents with clean, allergen-free conditions. After a deep cleaning, the carpets will look, feel, and smell like new.

Carpet Cleaning Livermore Residents Can Rely On

While it’s fine for homemakers to perform their own basic carpet maintenance, it’s still wise to have a reliable carpet cleaning company like Classy Carpet and Rug cleaning on speed-dial. That way, residents will know who to call when it’s time to schedule their annual cleanings or deal with an unexpected mess. When they trust the best local company for carpet cleaning livermore clients will get the best results, guaranteed.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Routine carpet cleaning typically involves vacuuming the home’s carpets and rugs and perhaps spot cleaning a few stains. A deep cleaning goes well beyond these topical treatments to remove not just dust, pet dander, and allergens, but also stubborn stains, odors, and ground-in dirt. There are two main techniques for deep cleaning carpets: steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

Steam Cleaning

Professional steam cleaning offers an efficient and remarkably effective way to remove built-up dirt, mold, bacteria, and pet odors from even extremely dirty carpets. It involves injecting moisture into the carpet fibers to get rid of the dirt, then drying the carpet to prevent mold and mildew growth. For households with one or more residents who suffer from allergies or scent sensitivities, it’s the best solution since it gets carpets clean without the need for harsh chemicals.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning uses much less moisture than steam cleaning. It involves applying cleaning compounds to the carpet fibers to pre-treat them and break up the dirt. These cleaning agents are then removed using specialized vacuums along with all the built-up contaminants. Since dry cleaning requires minimal moisture, the carpet should be dry in less than an hour and the residue from the cleaning agents will offer additional protection against dirt for some time.

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