Fluffy, soft, sound absorbing and warm – carpets are fantastic, and we want to keep them that way! We at Classy Carpet and Rug Cleaning in Pleasanton can guarantee that you will be absolutely delighted with our carpet cleaning services. We thrive on customer satisfaction and achieve the best possible results attainable.

At Classy Carpet and Rug Cleaning we use extremely effective yet very safe solutions to remove the grime and soil that live in your carpet. We use top of the range, incredibly powerful (& expensive!)machines that rinse and extract  the broken down soil, which will leave the carpet residue free, thus avoiding rapid re-soiling!

Firstly, before undertaking any cleaning, we must first conduct a no obligation free quotation, to assess the carpeted area you want cleaning. We ensure several important factors to confirm we can clean the carpets in your home, safely and effectively. A full deep clean that we undertake cleans right down to the base, ensuring no grit or dirt remains in your carpets.


  •  Pre-cleaning inspection. Our service technician wants to be familiar with all of the flooring areas to be cleaned. We will address in advance any areas that need extra-special attention before we use our regular cleaning system to be sure of the best results possible.
  • High powered vacuuming of entire area to be cleaned to be sure all loose dust, dirt and debris are removed.
  • Pre-treatment. Any high traffic areas, pet stains, food and beverage spills – all those “life happens” areas – will receive pre-treatment to break down dirt, grime and organic matter. These areas will receive light agitation to ensure the best penetration into the spots and stains.
  • Our patented dirt extraction system. After your carpeting has been entirely prepared, we will use out patented low-water, high extraction cleaning system on the entire carpet.
  • Optional protective coating. We offer an excellent fiber-guard application to provide a protective coating against re-soiling for as long as possible.
  • Optional deodorization process. If you have carpet odors from pet urine, mildew odors, cigarette smoking or any other kind of clinging unpleasant odors, we recommend you opt for our specialized carpet deodorizing system. It can make the difference between merely pleasing results and amazing results!
  • Delicate fiber rugs. If you have delicate-fiber rugs such as Orientals or other hand-wovens, we may recommend a special type of cleaning designed to be particularly gentle yet remove embedded dirt and debris.

The Benefits of our Nine-Step Method

We’ll be able to send our expert team of cleaners out to your home for a daytime, evening or even a weekend booking – bringing with them a range of advanced cleaning detergents, solutions and tools.

Our staff will proceed with removing all of the light furniture (like chairs, tables, sofa from the area to be cleaned, allowing for maximum access.  If we need to clean below the heavy furniture, those need to be moved in advance.

Before washing of the carpets takes place, we’ll pretreat the more serious, ingrained blemishes with a special formula.

Next we apply our general hot water extraction treatment, which will act to loosen dirt and stains across your entire carpet.

We’ll even be able to take care of deep and worn-in stains, by injecting our alkaline solutions deep into the fabric of your carpet.

At this stage, our staff will even be able to offer you a protective Scotchgard carpet treatment – which will help to extend your carpet’s life span.

After cleaning, we’ll rake your carpet to separate the individual fibres. This will help to swiften the drying process.

Finally, we’ll put all of your furniture back into place, inserting foil pads beneath the contact points.

Drying should take around three to four hours, which is generally improved if you leave a window open in the room. Our staff will also leave you with protective overshoes, which will allow you to walk on your carpets while you’re waiting for them to dry.

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The Benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning in Pleasanton

Book our Dry/Deep carpet cleaning in Pleasanton now, and you’ll be able to enjoy a range of superb advantages. Here are just a few of the benefits offered by this advanced, professional technique:

  • Our dry carpet cleaning can be applied safely to any kind of carpet, including sisal, jute and even seagrass.
  • Firstly, you’ll be amazed at just how effective our deep carpet cleaning is! By injected hot cleaning solutions deep into the weave of your fabric, we’re able to remove even the toughest of built up dirt and grime.
  • You don’t need to worry about shifting heavy furniture around, when you book us – our staff will remove all furniture prior to cleaning, as well as carefully replacing it afterwards.
  • We use scented cleaning chips for this process, which means that your carpets will be left smelling fresh and clean!
  • One of the most popular thing about this service, is that your carpets will be kept entirely dry throughout the process – so you’ll be able to walk on them again as soon as we have finished the job.

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