Cleaning Of Woolen And Synthetic Carpets

Cleaning a carpet is essential to remove dirt and stains and give it back its beautiful look.



Wool – warmth and comfort. These and other associations are often attributed to wool. It’s just nice to walk on a wool rug and feel the wool between your toes. Wool carpet radiate a sense of security and offer our feet pure comfort! Wool rugs are real gems that not only look beautiful, but also have benefits. For example, wool rugs are flame retardant on the one hand and dirt and moisture resistant on the other. But that’s not all: Wool rugs stand out above all for their naturalness and their flexible, robust and elastic structure.


Wool fibers can be stretched up to 30% and then contract again. This characteristic makes wool particularly suitable for carpets. Indeed, in addition to offering a pleasant and soft feeling under our feet, wool rugs are resistant. In order not to lose the elasticity of the wool fiber, you should not treat your carpet with a soapy solution. This applies to all animal fibers. Aggressive alkaline solutions damage the pile structure of the carpet and discolor it. An acidic pH is then optimal to maintain the pleasant properties of the wool. For acidic cleaners, it is advisable to read the manufacturer’s instructions. If they contain alkaline components, in case of doubt, do not carpet of natural fibers . Sensitive natural fibers do not like rough mechanical cleaning. If necessary, it is advisable to use a soft brush. Make sure to brush the carpet in the direction of the pile. If it is a superficial stain that is not a problem, it is often sufficient to carefully pour sparkling water on the stain. Make sure you don’t get your woolen carpet too wet, and then dry it quickly.


Even though wool rugs are relatively resistant to moisture, you should immediately dry your rug after cleaning to prevent mold growth. For example, you can dry your rug with a towel or hair dryer or hang it in the sun, depending on its size and weather conditions. The alternation of heating and ventilation allows hot and humid air to escape more quickly. Vinegar water can refresh faded colors. Mix vinegar or lemon essence with water in a ratio of 1: 3 and lightly brush the carpet against the direction of the pile, pouring a small amount. Brush again carefully in the direction of the hair after drying.




Many results appear on the Internet when you search for “Cleaning synthetic fiber rugs”. You find for example: “This cleaner can be used”, “When cleaning, you need a lot of water” or “Just put your carpet in the washing machine! Bad information over bad information – how to navigate?



Synthetic fibers include poly acrylic, polyester, and polypropylene. These materials are particularly popular for rugs because they are sturdy and require little maintenance. poly acrylic, polyester and polypropylene rugs are particularly strong, dirt-resistant and have a water-repellent structure. Thus, they are particularly suitable for rooms in which rugs are put to the test, such as in the entrance, hallway, bathroom or in the kitchen. Synthetic fiber rugs not only stand out for their high resistance, but also for their unique designs and patterns. So, they are not only practical – they also look pretty. Viscose – also called rayon – is also a synthetic fiber, but it is more sensitive than poly acrylic, polyester or polypropylene.



Although synthetic fiber rugs have a water repellent structure, this does not mean that poly acrylic, polyester and polypropylene rugs should be soaked in water during cleaning. While not as sensitive as, say, a sisal rug, washing with plenty of water is not part of what a synthetic fiber rug prefers. Too much humidity can make a synthetic carpet felt.



When cleaning the synthetic fiber carpet, you should – as already stated – not use too much water. If your carpet does need to get wet, however, please do not use a hair dryer or similar drying equipment. This is because synthetic fiber rugs contain chemical fibers that can melt from too much heat and lose their shape.


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