Some of the Classy Carpet cleaning services are listed below with a reason why we are the best choice in Pleasanton.


​The floors and the upholstery fabrics in Tri-Valley area home or business are a big investment. Whether you have upholstery, carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile or natural stone flooring, keeping your floor surface clean of dirt and debris by having a professional carpet cleaner care for them will keep them fresh and new looking for many, many years to come.

Regular flooring care, maintenance and protection will give your total commercial or workplace interior a longer lifespan, saving on potential redecorating costs.

The deep cleaning needs of every situation are unique and we do our very best to ensure you have an excellent, hassle-free experience and are thrilled with the results. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach in our business.

Many of our customers have been very pleasantly surprised when carpeted and tiled spaces they thought were beyond saving came back almost as good as new!

Over time, any space will begin to attract odors. This is particularly true if you have children and 4-legged family members, but cooking odors, normal body oils, mildew and all the various and sundry aromas of everyday life will accumulate over time in carpet and upholstery fibers. Our tile and carpet cleaning processes will remove these buildups and leave your space smelling fresh as a daisy!

Classy Carpet Cleaning carpet maintenance system is safe for almost all carpet and rug types and is fast, powerful, efficient, and highly effective in getting out the accumulated dirt and grime that are unavoidable over time. We do not like to use the term “carpet shampooing,” because that is not what we do. Shampooing carpets too often leaves a sticky residue tthat just attracts dirt back quickly. Never try to DIY your carpet cleaning with a rented rug shampoo machines, as you will create a mess and possibly damage the fibers. We’re often called in to fix the mess left behind by incorrectly shampooed floor coverings.

Our dirt extraction system is safe and very effective for area and oriental rugs, too. These types of rugs often are in high traffic areas so many of them take the brunt of the dirt tracked in through doorways (think red clay soil and debris on shoes), down hallways (high traffic), under dining tables (food and beverage spills) and in front of furniture.

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Even better, it’s safe for children, pets and the environment with no dangerous or harsh chemical residue left behind. Your pets and children spend lots of time walking, crawling and playing on your floors at home. You can rest easy knowing that there’s nothing toxic left behind after we’ve worked our magic on your carpet and flooring.

Our specialized dirt extraction process removes allergens from your carpet fibers that can trigger asthma and allergy attacks. Pet dander, dust, mites, and other allergy-causing debris are broken down and flushed out of carpet fibers during the process.

So regular carpet cleaning not only makes for more beautiful spaces in which to live and work, they are healthier spaces. Overall, we leave our clients with more pleasant spaces in which to live and work!

Just as with carpet, tile gets dirty and will show the effects of all the wear and tear it receives over time. Routine tile cleaning and grout cleaning in your home or workplace is, of course, highly recommended.

Regular removal of dirt and grit will keep the surface of your tile flooring from becoming dull. This can be accomplished with a broom, or, even better, a vacuum cleaner. Also, a good washing with water and a mild detergent is helpful for removing the slight dirt buildup that will occur even with regular light washing. Routine tile cleaning is not hard.

However, even with regular attention to routine tile maintenance, your tile – and especially grout – will eventually need a cleaning by qualified tile cleaning experts using the right equipment. Grout will become dingy as any prior grout sealer (assuming it was properly sealed to begin with) wears off and allows dirt and stains to penetrate. So debris and stain removal in the grout in your tile flooring is especially important.

These types of stains often can’t be removed even with hand grout cleaning. The use of harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia is not recommended. ​

​Our technicians will inspect the tiled areas to determine those high-traffic or vulnerable areas which need special attention. Pre-treatment will be done wherever needed.

Our high-pressure cleaning process suctions the dirt from your tile floors. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that your tile and grout will be cleaned thoroughly, reaching places that are impossible to clean with a mop.

After our technicians have thoroughly cleaned the tiled flooring, we highly recommend our customers have them apply sealant to give you the most attractive and longest-lasting results for your newly cleaned flooring. You can go much longer between professional cleanings and your tiled floors will remain fresh and lovely looking for as long as possible.

Application of the sealant usually take two to three hours. After the sealant has been applied, it will take about 30 minutes to become dry to the touch. However, it’s important to keep the freshly-sealed tiles free of liquids for 24 hours in order to allow the sealing compound to cure completely.

How often carpet and tile flooring in commercial establishments should be professionally cleaned varies widely, depending on the type of business and the amount and type of foot traffic. The same, of course, is true of upholstery cleaning in commercial spaces.

If your business office or warehouse or garage is subjected to grease and grime because of the nature of the business, the upholstered surfaces will reflect that and should be cleaned. Also, if it has been many years since the upholstery last had a thorough professional cleaning, the fibers and surfaces will require some addition TLC from our skilled technicians.

With your help, we will coordinate our work around your schedule so there is little to no interruption in your normal hours of operation. We do ask that if computers and other electronic devices need to be relocated, you have that done before our technicians arrive. Generally, heavier items such as file cabinets can be left in place.

Our goal is to leave you with beautiful, clean carpet and tile floors and upholstery fabrics, and an excellent experience with as little hassle for you and your employees as possible.