How to Dry Carpet Fast After Cleaning Using Hot Water Extraction?

The hot water extraction method is often a preferred choice over the dry-cleaning method, for many professional carpet cleaners as it is quite effective. However, it can take about three to six hours to get the carpet completely dry. Check out some simple tips given below that can help to speed up the drying after the cleaning process.

Request the carpet cleaner to use a blower

Ask the carpet cleaning staff if they can use a blower over the carpet. This must be done at the last stage after the carpet has been cleaned using steam or hot water. The hot air circulation can help to accelerate the drying time. Alternatively, you can use a dehumidifier or vacuum cleaner over the wet carpet. Remember to check if the vacuum cleaner can be used over wet surfaces.

If none of the above alternatives are possible, ensuring good airflow in the room will also help. This can be done by keeping the windows in the room open. When there are two windows facing each other, open one fully and the other one partly. This ensures strong crosswind circulation and hastens the carpet drying time. However, keep in mind that this method may not work if it is a rainy day.

Dry the carpet in the sun

This method is applicable only if you have called the carpet cleaner over on a sunny day. It must be also kept in mind that the sun drying option can be carried out only for floor carpets. For wall to wall carpeting, some other option must be used.

Putting the carpet in the sun has another key advantage apart from quick drying. Sunlight is known to be a natural disinfectant and helps to kill those fungi and molds that may have got missed out during the cleaning process.

Clean the carpet more often

Get the carpet cleaned periodically. Periodic cleaning ensures that the dust and grime accumulation tends to be less making the cleaning process easier and less time-consuming. Hence, this may also turn out to be a less expensive deal. Such a carpet will invariably need less water for cleaning that eventually leads to less drying time.

Turn on the fan

Use a ceiling or desk fan along with the open windows. If both fan options are available, give preference to the ceiling fan. When the wet carpet is directly under the fan, the concentrated air from the fan blades will help to dry it. The air circulation also keeps musty smells away.

If the desk fan is the only choice, try to keep two fans on either side of the carpet at each corner.

Soak up water

Place rags or towels over the carpet and use it to blot excessively wet areas. This will soak up the water from those areas and speed the drying process. However, make sure that the cloth used for blotting is clean as the carpet will otherwise become dirty once again.

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