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Oriental rugs are a popular carpet pattern that comes from countries like Iran, China, and India. Known for their rich colors and unique designs, these carpets can be found in thousands of homes around the world. Oriental rugs come in all shapes and forms and are usually made from materials like wool or cotton. But they can also be made of silk or artificial materials. Adding an oriental rug to your home can liven up a room, but like most carpets, it has a tendency to get dirty. Fortunately, you can keep your rug looking new for a long time if you properly clean and maintain your rug.


Keep the carpet out of direct sunlight. Oriental carpets are exposed to the sun. So keep them out of windows whenever you can. If you hold an oriental rug in the sun, the colors will fade over time. If the rug needs direct sunlight, turn it over at least once a month. Although the colors were still faded, they were at least fading evenly.

How to Care For Oriental Rug

Sweep the carpet.

Use a straw brush or a carpet-cleaning brush. Slide your finger in one direction from end to end. Do not rub the broom back and forth as this may damage it. After the carpet is completely wiped off, repeat the cycle and start over.

Vacuum cleaners use static electricity to collect dirt and are the safest way to quickly clean an antique oriental rug.


Clean the carpet on time.

It is best to be prone to spills as soon as they occur as it will be difficult for you to remove stains or odors from your carpet once it is dry. After spilling, wipe off as much of the liquid as possible with a clean paper towel or rag. After vacuuming up the stain, moisten the cloth and wipe the stain again with cold water.

Don’t scrub back and forth or you could rub the stain deeper into the carpet?


Beat and shake the mat outside.

When you can lift the rug, pull it out and shake it to remove any built-up dirt and other particles. If the rug is too big to shake, hang it on a clothesline and wrap it in your hands. When you do this you should see dust and dirt peel off the carpet.


Use talcum powder to remove unwanted odors.

After you’ve vacuumed the carpet well, sprinkle the surface with talcum powder and leave it on the carpet overnight. The powder absorbs unwanted animal odors or smoke. The next day, clean the powder off the carpet.

You can buy it in many stores.


Contact a professional carpet cleaner.

If your simplicity is expensive, made of a material like silk, or has sentimental value, it might be a good idea to take it to a professional carpet cleaner instead of trying to do it yourself. Carpet cleaners have years of experience with different types of carpets and know how to best solve your problem. While it costs money, it is worth avoiding future renovations.


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