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Carpet is one of the most popular flooring choices, and for good reason. Walking barefoot on the carpet is an interesting experience, which is unmatched by any other flooring material. It has a soft touch and comfortable eyes, which can create a cozy and warm space in any space. Carpets have many other advantages: they absorb young knees, have the benefits of sound absorption and sound insulation, are affordable, easy to install, durable and can adapt to any need. Styles, designs, fabrics, textures have style and budget preferences.


We supply the most stocked rugs in the Pleasanton Bay Area. For many families, the rug is a beautiful and inexpensive choice. The mat is comfortable, easy to install and replace. Rugs are easier on smaller circles and have greater strength than hardwood and ceramic tiles. Carpets can soften the room in terms of vision and noise. Carpets add warmth and absorb sound more than hard floors. You can place rugs on many types of surfaces, which can help hide surface irregularities. Learn carpet basics, carpet installation, carpet care and maintenance or visit the Carpet Gallery for inspiration.


Find the location of the nearest carpet store. You can choose from thousands of carpet products and have experts who can answer the toughest questions.


History of carpets

The carpet is a luxurious and modern floor covering with ancient roots. A long time ago, carpets were handcrafted with care. But today it is mainly made by machines. When it comes to rugs, there are different terms to describe a particular style. Knowing the different terms will help you choose the best rug for your home.

Cut Pile Cut

Pile carpet tiles are known for their casual appeal. Their twisted chopped fibers diffuse light so as to hide foot and vacuum marks, making this rug construction a popular choice for family rooms and children’s bedrooms as well as office spaces. It offers the minimum of shading of a curly hair but the beauty and softness of the Saxony.


This type of carpet tile keeps the curls intact and uncut with equal or different heights, creating a nice pattern or a linear but sparkling look. Curls can be produced at uneven heights for texture or level for durability. Loop rugs are suitable for high traffic areas of the home.

Cut Curly

These tiles offer a combination of various cut and loop fibers at different levels, resulting in a carved pattern with multiple tones of the same color. These carpet tiles can look great in wall-to-wall setups and rug setups.

Fiber carpet

Apart from the difference in the pile of carpets, the important difference between the carpets is the fibers used in the structure of the carpet. Fiber refers to the material used to make carpet yarn, which can be synthetic or natural. Most of the rugs on the market today are made with synthetic fibers, such as nylon, polypropylene and polyester. Natural fiber rugs are usually made of wool, but other natural materials can also be found, such as silk, cotton and bamboo. The characteristics of the carpet depend on its structure and material.


Many of you appreciate the comfort and warmth that rugs provide, whether in your home or in professional premises. They are also real decorative elements and can add a lot of character to a room. If they are not lacking in qualities and advantages, they can nevertheless be synonymous with disadvantages. The most important of them? Their cleaning. This is why your Classy Carpet and Rug Cleaning offers you its services for cleaning your carpet in Pleasanton!

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Carpets in Bay Area
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