How to remove nail polish stain from carpet- Be it at home or at the nail salon, spilling any nail polish by an accident on the carpet is a disastrous moment. But now there is no need to worry or panic. There is more than one way to remove the nail polish from carpet that you thought would never come out. Whether or not you have a carpet cleaner at home, it’s a must that you tackle the spill right   away to avoid further damage and staining. This will also ensure the job of the carpet cleaning company will make that polish “oops” look like it never happened! 

So, in this article there are few ways to remove the nail polish from the carpet so that you don’t need to worry as you may have thought that it will never come out but with these ways, the stain will be gone and forgotten forever. Although removing a nail polish stain from the carpet is very difficult some of the tips below mentioned will help with the onset of the stain and taking swift action will help the outcome of your carpets future appearance. The thought of spilling nail polish on the carpet is a very bad dream. In this situation, some people try to clean the stain with the normal nail polish remover, but they   totally fail to clean the stain. If you find that the stain may be out of your control then you should contact a reputable carpet cleaning professional in Pleasanton today. Classy Carpet and Rug is available to save your day.

Before doing anything

First, you should take a towel and dab the stain and try to soak up the nail polish spill on the carpet as much as possible. If you don’t want to make the matter worse then you should always avoid rubbing it. To be sure of all these ideas you should try it on a very inconspicuous spot of the carpet first so that the entire carpet won’t be damaged and also to avoid the visibility of the small testing spot.

By rubbing alcohol and hair spray

The coolest way to do is by first wetting the stain with chilled water. Then by spraying hair spray on the stained portion on the carpet.Then add a few splashes of alcohol and start rubbing. Always use a scrub brush (if you don’t have a scrubber around then you may use an old toothbrush lying around in your house). Next, scrub the stain for at least one minute or so. You should always keep in mind that while scrubbing on the stained part, always keep pouring cold water. Keep in mind that you should continue this process until the stain fully disappears and it will shortly.

*Non-acetone or acetone polish remover : How to remove nail polish from carpet *
(If in doubt about any of these steps, hire a carpet cleaner. Then you can be sure that the carpet will be as clean as it gets and the work will be guaranteed. Hiring a great carpet cleaning company like Classy Carpet and Rug in Pleasanton. can get to you fast.)

  • If you’re able to remove the polish off of your finger then it is also possible to remove the stain from your carpet. Use a plain towel to dab on the stain. You should always keep in mind that acetone is a very strong chemical and be careful as it might do further damage to your carpet.
  • Firstly, pour just a small quantity of it directly on the stain and dab the stain continuously until it fades. And now use water and soap to rinse as this process will help you get rid of the polish remover as much as possible.

Window cleaner

If you want to witness some magic that people don’t tend to think of when trying to get rid of the nail polish stain from the carpet then you are in luck! That is, if you have any window cleaner handy. Just like the way you clean your windows, you should apply the same circular motion in scrubbing and rinsing the stain by applying soapy water in between.

Carpet stain remover

In this procedure, soak up the stain as much as possible. It can be done with the help of paper towel or a towel. Next step, with the help of the stain remover, spray the entire area. The main step is to rub and scrub until the stain is removed as much as possible. This step will make sure that the stain is removed easily and quickly.

 After the stain has dried, before trying all the above-mentioned ways you can also scrape, scratch, or cut the stained part. You can easily cut the flaky dried polish as much as possible. Once that all the dried part has come out of the carpet then you can try all the remedies. Keep the stain wet.

 In this world, you can spend a lot of time in doing your nail art and decorate yourself very well. You just have to be very careful. Don’t panic if your carpet gets spoiled. There are some home remedies, which can help you clean this stain also. Some of the most common home remedies are listed below.

As soon as the nail polish is spills on the carpet, try to dry it from any tissue paper or paper towel. Next absorb as much as you can with the help of a clean   dish towel or with a simple towel. Remember not to rub the stain to hard as this will make the situation more worse. Rubbing to hard can cause the stain to settle down more and more. To avoid smearing the stain try to use a clean side of the towel and the same if using a paper towel.

Gently apply acetone directly on to the stain. This will surely help you to get rid of stain. Make a solution of detergent and dip the part of the carpet, which is to be cleaned. Make sure that that the solution is made in warm water, if it is made In cold water then it won’t work. The mixture should be very watery and soapy. Be careful to use detergents that do not contain bleach or lanolin.

You can also blot the stain by pouring a nail polish remover on it. The nail polish remover has to be oil-free. Keep repeating the process until the stain begins to   fade.

You have to be very quick and very fast in this process, as after the stain has set then it is very difficult to remove it. Firstly, try to remove the nail polish with the help of the paper as much as you can. Rubbing is not at all recommended.   Blot the stain by placing a small piece of paper or cloth on the stain. If the color of your carpet is dark then you will have to be extra careful, as during this process there is a possibility that the color may even go. In this condition, using alcohol or hair spray is a very good option. You can try to use hydrogen peroxide. This is also a safer option as well.

 If you have pets in your house, then keep them away from the stain as most nail  polish is toxic to pets! Before you start the procedure, try it on a part that is hidden normally under your couch or any area not usually visible.

 If all the above-mentioned remedies fail to clean your stain then you can seek professional help. A great carpet cleaning company in and around Dublin also will have  the best ways to remove the stain. Rest assured a professional carpet cleaner available in Pleasanton, Classy Carpet and Rug, will clean it properly and assist you with any cleaning obstacle you can’t or don’t want to handle yourself!

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