The carpet cleaning is one way to remove dirt, debris and allergens from homes. Vacuuming and carpet steam cleaning helps maintain a healthy environment. This blog post talks about Dry vs steam carpet cleaning service. We are classy carpet and rug cleaning service in pleasanton.

The conservation of domestic carpet clean is important to maintain a healthy environment. The allergen particles and dirt from carpets can enter the environment which may affect the quality of air that you breathe, thus aggravating asthma, allergies and other breathing problems one may have. Frequently cleaning carpets help in removing dirt, debris and allergens from the fibers. Generally, the void covers on a regular basis, like once or twice a week, but the heavy traffic areas may need to vacuuming more often. If the carpet is very soiled, steam cleaning should be utilized from a great carpet cleaning company in Pleasanton, CA.

Carpet vacuum

Before vacuuming carpets, make sure to remove all the clutter from carpets. Inspecting is particularly important in children’s bedrooms where small toys or parts of toys can dislodge carpet and hard to see. Some small items such as paper clips, rubber bands and marbles can damage the vacuum.

In vacuuming, use a slow, forward movement that pushes the vacuum cleaner a few feet at a time, then reverse the direction. The vacuum cleaner will work more efficiently to remove dirt and allergens.

While vacuuming, if a stain is found, it is important to spot clean as soon as possible. Usually, the longer the stain sits in the carpet the harder it is to remove. If there is a liquid from a stain that soaks into the carpet padding, mold can develop which may contribute to poor air quality.

Steam Cleaning Carpet

Carpet steam cleaning is a way to deep clean carpets which dry carpet cleaning and a home carpet shampooer can’t match. Steam cleaning involves high temperature and pressure to clean the carpet. Anyone can rent or purchase a steam cleaner however they are very expensive, and most people only need them once or twice a year. The professional carpet cleaning companies are available in Pleasanton, CA  for people who want to deep clean their carpet, but do not have the time or patience for the daunting and quite large task of steam cleaning a couple rooms in their home. Can you imagine having to take a few hours to rent a machine, lug it back home and inside and then spend the entire Saturday morning and maybe afternoon cleaning your carpets? Don’t forget you have to bring that heavy machine back! Forget it if you have a small vehicle!

Remember these simple tips whether you clean your carpets yourself or hire a professional carpet cleaning company:
Remove all the furniture before you begin the process of steam cleaning, so the entire carpet is available for cleaning.

Vacuuming the carpet before steam cleaning is important to remove all loose dirt and debris.

Pre-treat any stains on the carpet before you begin the process by steaming. Read the directions for the operation of the carpet steamer prior to cleaning the carpet.

Allow at least 24 hours to dry before walking on the carpet. If possible, open windows to allow air to circulate and help with the drying process. If winter turn on a fan to circulate air for drying more quickly.

Vacuuming and steam cleaning removes dirt, debris and allergens from the carpet fibers. Since carpet steam cleaning is the most time consuming, many people choose to employ a professional carpet cleaning company to do the steam cleaning. With regular vacuuming and occasional steam cleaning your home will be well maintained in the healthiest environment possible with ease.

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