Leather – soft, comfortable and luxurious. It makes sense to keep them that way after spending what can at times – be a fortune. This post is for homeowners interested in Leather cleaning. We are classy carpet and rug cleaning service in pleasanton.

It isn’t as hard wearing as you may think! Modern day living, spills, scuffs and stains can all have a detrimental effect sooner rather than later.

Body oils, sweat, color loss from wear and sun, pen marks can make a leather suite look and feel past its best. This is made worse by using the wrong chemicals to ‘clean’ the items – this can include baby wipes, washing up liquid, soap..the list is endless. What tends to happen is that this eventually breaks down the protective barrier causing various issues.

With our super intensive but safe cleaning system, we could have your sofas and chairs looking great again. Done by hand to ensure the integrity of the hide, a methodical approach is always required. After the cleaning process we will apply a conditioner/protector absolutely FREE of charge! This will help keep the leather properly nourished and resist spills whilst beautifying the finish.

The Benefits of Leather Cleaning

Our professional staff offer some of the finest leather cleaning in Pleasanton – and when you book with us, there are a number of key benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy, such as:

  • First class standards of leather cleaning
  • A focus on delivering fine customer service
  • Some of the most competitive leather cleaning prices around
  • Flexible and versatile cleaning schedules

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