High-quality Carpet Cleaning and Cleaning of Premises

Whatever the material of your carpet, it requires special attention. Indeed, its maintenance but also its cleaning will not be the same if it is wool, viscose, faux fur, cotton, bamboo silk, or even synthetic.

Often placed in a passageway, the carpet needs to be fairly regularly maintained, and can sometimes require a small or a large cleaning.

For the basic maintenance of your carpet, go regularly vacuumed once a week with the way the mildest possible in order not to damage your carpet. If your carpet is colored, this mode will allow it to keep its original color longer. In addition, the suction of the woolen carpet will plump up its locks and give it new life. 

If you want to move your living room, or dining room table but the old mark of its feet is visible on your carpet, here is the solution: rub at the location of the old feet on your carpet with using the edge of a coin. The pile of your woolen rug will straighten out on its own.

To clean your carpet: if you want to remove a very recent stain, you can put absorbent paper on it right away.

Otherwise, if the stain is rather old, always vacuum with a gentle mode before cleaning so as not to get dusty traces.

Proceed step by step so as not to damage your carpet.

First, pat the stain with a slightly damp, soaped sponge. You can also mix vinegar with cornstarch. Then, make movements from the outside of the stain towards the center of it.

These movements will allow the fibers to be gently cleaned and this while remaining intact. Indeed, soap like vinegar, associated with cornstarch, dissolves stains and absorbs fat effectively on wool.

If that is not enough, do not hesitate to brush locally in a gentle way while dusting the stain with an absorbent powder.

If you want to clean your carpet in its entirety, you can then (and this only after removing the most important stains) use Marseille soap or black soap. Remember to lather the soap well with water before applying it with a brush on your wool carpet. Rinse your carpet well then dry it with a clean cloth. Note that if you soak your woolen rug too much, it will become heavy to wear depending on its size.


Above all, never use a stain remover on your wool carpet: this would be very harmful for the wool, but also for its color, which would lose its pigments.

Never use a machine to wash your woolen carpet rather, use manual washing.

Whatever the workplace: offices, factories, building, warehouse, hospital, construction site, or hotel, premises cleaning activities are essential for the proper functioning of a company. For the well-being of your employees as well as that of your visitors or your customers, the cleanliness of the premises must be carried out regularly by a specialized service provider.

Equipment for cleaning the premises:

Cleaning of glass surfaces

The materials used are:

  • telescopic poles for washing windows at height;
  • equipment that provides collective protection: light rolling individual platform (PIRL), personnel lift.

Floor cleaning

The nature of the surfaces to be cleaned is very varied and the products or materials must be adapted to the nature of the coverings.

The techniques and products used for cleaning floor coverings must not lead to any slipping likely to constitute a danger for users.

Examples of floor coverings to list: vitrified tiling, non-vitrified tiling, other tiling, thermoplastic coating with PVC layer, thermoplastic coating with homogeneous tile, linoleum, treated textile coating, needle punch, wooden floors

The materials used are:

  • Manual accessories: mops and wiping and washing cloths, cloths, and cloths, squeegees, shovel, trash bag holder, sprayers for non-ready-to-use products, floor washing buckets, surface washing buckets, storage bins for products and consumables. …
  • Cleaning trolleys adapted to needs (transport of equipment, washing of floors, waste collection).
  • (vacuum cleaners, single-brushes, scrubbers which combine the mechanical action of the single-brush and continuous suction of dirty water, etc.) which comply with the “class II” insulation standard for electrical risks, and the related consumables: filters and bags for vacuum cleaners, brushes, and discs for single-disc machines adapted to the type of soil.
  • Waterproof, thick, and cut-resistant gloves to avoid the risk of cuts and punctures with sharp, sharp, and prickly waste.
  • Appropriate gripping materials (pliers);

For the collection of waste, containers, and garbage bags.

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