The only thing worse than having a stain on white clothes is having a stain on your white carpets. Red wine is the only substance known to man besides human blood that stains carpet the way it does. Red wine stains are notoriously difficult to remove and are often visible even long after exhaustive efforts to eliminate them are over. Although there is no perfect remedy for obliterating red wine stains, taking a systematic approach can help substantially lessen their severity and longevity.

Red wine stains are particularly difficult to remove after the wine has dried to set in over long periods. Wine is essentially a dye to the carpet fibers, and it helps to think of a spilled drink in terms of undesired hair dye. If you accidentally splashed color on your hair, your first instinct would be to dab it out with a towel. You should do this first always when there’s wine on your carpet. The more liquid dye there is in your hair, the darker and more prominent the stain will be. The best way to lessen the effect of an unwanted coloring agent is to dilute it with water. The second thing to do with spilled wine is to dilute it. After dabbing up the bulk of the wine with a paper towel, add water to your carpet to wash as much of it out as you can while it’s still fresh.

The third step in responding to a wine accident on the carpet is to make a paste from baking soda and water and then apply it liberally to the stain. Baking soda helps lift out the wine molecules that have already bonded to the carpet fibers. This process creates a surface area that is far more workable for carpet cleaning products. A wine spill that is dabbed up with paper towels, flushed with water, and then soaked in baking soda paste has a decent chance of never leaving behind a mark.

For the stain removal, there isn’t much more that you can do on your own besides removing the stain source, flush the area with water and then soak it in soda and cleaners. For severe wine stains and delicate and expensive carpets, the amount of labor involved in completely removing the stain is overwhelming.

Contact a professional carpet cleaning service in the event of a severe wine-related incident. The urgency of contracting professional carpet cleaners applies to residents of Pleasanton, especially. We are Classy Carpet and Rug Cleaning in Pleasanton CA, we can help in a crisis situation like this one. When your child is sick, you take their temperature and give them an aspirin. But when it’s a severe problem, you provide them with aspirin and then head straight to the emergency room or pediatrician. The same logic should apply to your most precious interiors. If your spotless white carpet is in danger of being forever stained by wine, dab it up, wash it out, slather it in soda paste and call the certified cleaning professionals in Pleasanton.   

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