What Are The Benefits Of Deep Cleaning Your Carpet

Carpet washing includes carpet removal, and delivery, deep vacuuming of carpets, shampooing of carpets with special shampoos intended for that, rinsing in a carpet centrifuge, drying of carpets in a dryer.


The entire carpet washing service lasts from 2-5 working days. The carpet washing service is also performed in business premises by shampooing and deep extraction.


Carpet washing procedure

The carpets first go through a machine that shakes them deeply on both sides. It is a DUST REMOVER or carpet shaker.


Dust and dirt that have crept into the deepest layers of the carpet with this method is successfully eliminated from the carpet itself. This is the most important thing during the carpet cleaning itself.


Before washing, the carpets are completely immersed in water in a machine that resembles a large washing machine for its purpose.


With such a carpet washing procedure, we get a carpet from which the remaining dust and mites that accumulate deep in the carpet are removed before cleaning.


Carpet brushing/shampooing

After the above procedures, the most important part of carpet cleaning follows. This is a process of machine brushing and shampooing the carpet with appropriate cleaning agents.


This procedure removes all existing and visible and invisible stains and all dirt from the carpet. After a good brushing and shampooing, the carpet gets its original “shine.”



The last in the cleaning process is rinsing and spinning the carpet.


After cleaning, the carpet is placed in a machine for rinsing the carpet and squeezing it.


With this procedure, we bring the carpet cleaning to an end, and we still have to put the freshly cleaned carpet to dry in a specialized chamber for that.


The humidity level and air temperature in the chamber are controlled so that the carpets dry as quickly and efficiently as possible and are delivered to your address.


Benefits of deep cleaning your carpet.

Elimination of dust mites

Although dust mites are invisible to the human eye, they certainly exist and are common in the home. Body parts and mite feces are allergens which, if not removed, can cause unpleasant allergies. Steam sandblasting mats use high temperature sandblasting to remove dust mites that are often carpeted and are an extremely effective way to remove them once and for all!


Remove trapped contaminants

Contaminants can take many forms. Some of them stuck in the carpet may contain insect allergens, dandruff (traces of animal skin), household dust, and dirt, and even traces of lead! Daily activities like vacuuming or just walking on the carpet can release toxic gases from the air that can pollute your home. When these toxic gases enter your body, your health can deteriorate. Professional carpet cleaners use special shampoo formulas to remove trapped impurities no matter how deep they persist.


Prevent mold growth

In homes with high humidity, standing water often penetrates the carpet fibers and promotes mold growth, which can lead to health risks such as respiratory problems. Professional carpet cleaning includes a drying element that removes residual moisture, removes existing mold, and prevents new growth.


Get help from professionals for deep cleaning

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