High Pile Carpets - How To Deal With Pollution

As incredible as it sounds, your house carpet is polluting the air in your home!


We know that in the house there are several sources of indoor air pollution, but we had no idea that carpets were one of them.

Once the carpet is unrolled, it becomes a reserve where multiple pollutants deposited by the soles of our shoes are stored.

It stores dust, hydrocarbons from the street, pesticides from the garden and heavy metals (cadmium, lead)… etc. Even if the air contamination by our carpets remains moderate, the substances released are harmful and can cause allergies; the only ways to prevent the accumulation of these substances in our carpets and therefore in the indoor air: maintain the carpets regularly, purify the air in your home and destroy the odors given off by your carpet thanks to an air purifier and finally take off our shoes at the entrance.


Additionally, even when a carpet is new, it releases pollutants into the air. Laboratory analyzes have revealed that several days after unpacking a new carpet, it emits VOCs (volatile organic compounds), in other words chemicals, into the air.


These chemical components such as: toluene, formaldehyde, and various benzene are the result of the manufacturing process during which different chemicals like dyes, pesticides, fungicides, and stain removers are added. Once in your house, the vapors of these chemical agents are released into the air.


It is therefore not advisable to unroll the carpet in our living room or in our bedroom upon purchase, but intense ventilation lasting one to three weeks after purchase is essential to eliminate these extremely toxic chemical pollutants and dangerous to health.


An air purifier can reconcile us with our carpets by filtering and removing all these substances to provide us with clean and healthy air, it can even have an aromatherapy function to eliminate bad odors.


What to do when the pile (carpet hair) pops out

First, never pull the pile that pops out. Cut the frayed pile to the same height as the surroundings with scissors, and soak the root of the cut pile with an instant adhesive.


In the case of wool carpet, there is also the possibility of insect damage. Make sure there is a hole in the back. If there is a possibility of insect damage, please consult an insect repellent. Over-the-counter pesticides can cause stains, and safety should be considered in households with small children. Please leave it to a specialist.


How to get rid of the carpet you were using

Choose a sunny day to do it. It’s best to have few sunny days, especially when it’s dry in the air. First, turn the carpet face down, and dry it outdoors in the shade. If you leave it dry all day, the moisture will be removed and it will be lightered. Gently tap the back surface with a futon and vacuum both sides carefully. If you do not dry it properly, it will cause mold, so be careful.


Wrap it in clean craft paper and store it upright in a dry, well-ventilated place. The use of dehumidifiers is also effective. Spread it out and dry it once every six months.


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