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How to wash a carpet in 5 steps

Carpets are very common types of flooring in common areas of apartment buildings or offices. The carpet cleaning is therefore a crucial step in floor maintenance to obtain the optimal maintenance of your residential or commercial building. It is therefore also very important to understand the different techniques appropriate to the different types of fibers and the weaving methods of your rugs in order to prolong their lifespan. So here are the 5 key methods to remember to know how to wash a carpet most effectively.

1 – Containment of dirt

Prevent dirt from entering your home by using special rugs at the entrance to buildings.


2 – Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum regularly to remove all dry debris from the carpet. It is important to choose your type of vacuum cleaner according to the surface area and the level of difficulty of maintaining your workspace. Certain types of vacuums, such as backpack vacuums, can make the job easier and more efficient.


3 – Stain removal

Detach visible stains on your carpet using the usual professional techniques  and remembering to test each new cleaning product before use


4 – Periodic cleaning

Follow a regular carpet maintenance program to enhance the appearance of rugs in your office. Consistency is the key to effective carpet cleaning. This is because with a regular carpet maintenance program, dirt is less likely to accumulate. Your rugs will therefore look better and their useful life will be extended.


5 – Catering

Deep clean using powerful machines to remove encrusted residue and deep soiling that makes ugly high traffic areas of your workplace.


The main parameters that impact the result of industrial carpet cleaning make up what is commonly called the circle of vice.


  • The physicochemical conditions of the water such as pH, temperature, presence of minerals and alkalinity which influence the behavior of detergents and disinfectants and the results of cleaning;
  • The mechanical action of friction, which mixes the fibers of the carpet, loosens encrusted stains and eliminates microorganisms;
  • The chemical action for which the choice of method and cleaning product depends on the nature and fragility of the ground cover;
  • The contact time, which is the time required to inactivate a disinfectant for an organism or a detergent to bring the suspended impurities.


In the case of carpet cleaning, we only use steam cleaning in cold water. The heat dislodges molecules and bacteria, which cause bad odors and health risks, and it facilitates the suspension of dirt.


Why is commercial carpet cleaning important?

We know time is money, so we want to save you time and money by cleaning commercial carpet. Having a shiny clean office is as important as your shiny business.


Whether they are rugs:

– Office

– Restaurants

– Hotels

– Or cinemas

Our technicians are trained to tackle the most fouled carpets with vigorous methods. You are guaranteed to have an admirable result by entrusting the work to our professional technicians.


We will provide you with reliable and fast service even outside your office hours. It is important to choose the right company for commercial carpet cleaning. We are a serious carpet cleaning company and care about your comfort.


Classy Carpet and Rug Cleaning offers the cleaning of all types of rugs such as Oriental or Persian rugs, wool rugs cleaning, modern rugs cleaning, Shaggy rugs washing, Kilim rugs maintenance, silk rugs maintenance and carpet washing long hairs. Depending on the materials, it is better to opt for professional cleaning in order not to damage the carpets.

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