Do You Want To Clean The Carpet At Home Or Send It To The Warehouse?

There’s a stain on the carpet! What to do – to have the carpet cleaned or to try to do it yourself? Find out how to clean your carpet at home, avoid ruining it, and do without streaks and other traces of unsuccessful processing.


Proper cleaning

Dust settles on the floor every day, hair and hair of pets fall. The dirt from the hallway is transferred to the carpet in the living room. If he lies in the corridor, he gets many times more street dirt. The carpet has many other “enemies.”  Scraps, husks, baby powder, powder, etc. constantly fall into the pile, get stuck in it. These contaminants do not harm the appearance of the coating if the usual cleaning is done on time:


  • Dry – once a week;
  • Wet – every three months;
  • Deep – once a year.

Emergency cleaning is required when the appearance of the coating is at risk. Food, wax, glue, urine, blood, paints, drinks, ink, shoe polish can leave a stubborn stain.


A broom and vacuum cleaner will not help in this situation. You will have to quickly select a stain remover or write a request for cleaning. Remember, the company will not guarantee complete removal of the stain if it is older than three days and has already been treated.


Major mistakes

The tricky thing about carpet cleaning at home is that it is easy to ruin it. Incorrect handling of the pile will fade, deform, and dirt will not be removed. How to clean your carpet at home without harming:

  • use cold or warm water – not hot;
  • process the coating along the pile – not against it;
  • turn carpet – for even wear;
  • lay the carpet on dry – let the floor dry;
  • wash in moderation – no more than once every three months;
  • a hard brush is not useful – it damages the pile;
  • remove dirt quickly – until it is ingrained.

Select the detergent composition carefully, and follow the instructions. Do not use dish w ashing detergents – they can damage the finish. Ignore the common misconception that natural carpets cannot be cleaned with chemicals. For them, there are also special compounds that remove dirt well.


How to choose the right cleaning agent

How to wash the carpet? Choose the wrong composition – the coating will not be washed off or it will be damaged. The quality and consequences of cleaning depend on the material of the pile, the degree of pollution, the “lifetime” of the stain, the previously used products and the conditions in which the cleaning will be done.

There are two types of cleaning products: branded (chemical, professional), and homemade (natural, folk).


Chemicals are easy to measure. Manufacturers provide exact instructions and dosage. You immediately know the type of carpet, and the dirt with which the compound is used. Branded products are more expensive, but more reliable than folk remedies. These include shampoos, dry foams, protectors, conditioners, color enhancers, treatment sprays, neutralizers for residual detergents, mixtures with solvents of hard-to-remove substances, odor removers and pet stains.


Other advantages of chemicals: the concentrate is consumed little by little – a small amount will last for a long time. It is easy to store – the substances come in a tightly closed container.


Homemade compounds are mixed on their own. You do not know exactly what effect the remedy will have. It may be difficult to apply it evenly. Folk remedies are cheaper than branded ones, but their effectiveness is often questionable. These include snow, salt, soda, vinegar, gasoline, sawdust, kerosene, starch, tea leaves, ammonia, washing powder.


Some of the substances are in most houses and apartments, they are easy to buy at the nearest store. Their main advantages are availability, low price.


Must Check

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