How To Remove Adhesive From Carpet

Removing the carpet, and the glue residue from the carpet seems like a simple job. Even so when the carpet has been stuck with a thick adhesive for years, it can sometimes be disappointing when you want to remove the adhesive. It can be a very time-consuming and labor-intensive job. Be sure to take that into account before you start this job. Do you not have that much time or do you not have much strength? Then it might be better to have this job done by a specialist. Are you going to remove the glue and do it yourself? Then there are some clever tricks you can apply that will make it much faster and easier. Read how you can save yourself a lot of energies.


What do you need?

To be well-prepared to get started, it is advisable to buy a number of items in advance and have them ready, such as:


  • A Stanley knife
  • A screwdriver
  • A mouth mask
  • Gloves
  • For white glue: a bucket of warm water sponges, paint scraper or putty knife.
  • For brown glue: paint stripper or floor glue remover.


How to remove adhesive from carpet

The easiest way to remove the floor covering is to cut it into long strips with a utility knife, and then gently pull it off. This saves power. If you have to remove the carpet in a large room such as your living room, it is more convenient to rent a special machine that does this for you. This machine easily pulls large strips from the carpet. With such a carpet stripper you save yourself a lot of energies and strength.


Broadly speaking, there are two types of carpet glue: brown and white glue. The most simple and quick method is to remove the floor covering with an adhesive remover. Not very environmentally friendly, but effective. It is very important that you really remove all adhesive residues, otherwise your new floor will not be nice and straight. You can remove the brown carpet glue with paint stripper or with a floor glue remover. Whatever is left after that can be removed with a putty knife or paint scraper. The white carpet glue is a bit easier to remove. Often you only need some warm water and a scouring sponge for this. You can remove the last glue residues with some sandpaper.


Using carpet removing machine

For a few bucks you can rent a carpet stripper from a rental company. These machines come in all sizes and are ideal for quickly removing a larger area of ​​(stuck) carpet. The machine works with a knife that you slide under the carpet and which, as it were, cuts and vibrates the carpet. This is ideal because it costs you no energy or effort at all! When you have removed the carpet, you will see that there are sometimes pieces of the bottom of your carpet and glue residue. These also have to be removed with a putty knife. Then use a sander and sandpaper to make everything nice and smooth and to remove the last remnants of the carpet glue.


You can remove any glue residue with glue remover. With the white carpet glue you can also soak it in hot water and soap or Cola. After a while, scrape off the glue residue with a putty knife. Sand the other remnants flat with sandpaper or with a small sander.



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