A tenant moving out of an apartment, room, townhouse, or condominium is one exhausting activity. It is not as easy as packing things and moving out. The landlords demand a thorough cleaning of the places, including carpets, walls, pet odor, and stain removals. It has become a hectic job for the renters to clean the place like how it used to be while moving in.

Hiring carpet cleaners

The purpose of hiring professional carpet cleaners is that they save our time by cleaning the entire property without a mess or damage.

The professional cleaners clean the carpet in a way to help the clients get back their deposit money from the landlords.

Plan the Cleaning

While moving out, make a schedule for the carpet cleaners. Once after the packers move the things from the house, let in the carpet cleaners to do their job. Professional carpet cleaners help to remove any deep stain, pet hairs, odor, and help you pass through the landlord assessment.

Methods used by professional cleaners

The carpet cleaners use the Vacuum, Hot-water extraction, and Steam cleaning methods to clean the carpets. These methods involve deep cleaning of the carpet and also dry out quickly.


DIY methods of cleaning can be chosen if you are a cleaning enthusiast. You can vacuum the entire carpet in the house. You can rent carpet cleaning machines like the “rug doctor machine,” for deep cleaning the carpets.

Benefits of moving out carpet cleaning

The benefits of hiring trained professionals for moving out carpet cleaning are:

  • Deep cleaning of the carpet
  • Removes tough stains without damaging the carpet
  • Cleans the carpet quickly
  • Uses highly equipped tools
  • Increases the durability of the carpet
  • Dries immediately
  • Removes the bacteria and toxic allergens
  • Saves time for the clients

Cost for moving out cleaning

Professional carpet cleaner’s charges are based on the service they provide for their client. The moving out carpet cleaning costs around $120 to $240 on average. Cleaning the entire house of about 3500 sq. feet will cost around $450 or more. The additional services like cleaning the garage, fridge, microwave, windows, hardware floors, and so on will have a separate cost.


Always choose certified professional cleaners like Classy Carpet and Rug Cleaning while moving out of the rental space, as they take the whole responsibility of cleaning the house.

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