How To Care For A Carpet After Flooding

Flooding can be a devastating experience for any homeowner, it’s important to act quickly when flood cleanup is needed. In fact, mold can start growing within 48 hours of a flood inside a damp home, posing a dangerous risk to the health of occupants. Therefore, to save your carpet, you will need to act quickly. In the event of a flood, it is possible to clean your carpet, but it is important that all steps are taken to ensure that mold spores are removed.



  • Remove as much water from the carpet as you can use a wet/dry vacuum. It is imperative that you remove any water that is worn out on the surface of the carpet, for the carpet to dry completely.


  • Roll up the carpet. The rug should be lifted from any mechanic tape that is holding it and rolled up for easy removal from your home. The mat can then be unrolled and placed outside to dry. If outdoor drying is not possible, roll up the carpet and have it dried and cleaned by a company at its professional carpet cleaning store.


  • Unhook and remove all the upholstery tape with a crowbar, along with all the padding that was under the carpet when the flooding occurred. Both of these are very difficult to sanitize properly, so it’s best to err on the side of caution when replacing them.


  • Allow the floor under the padding to dry out completely. Opening windows and using fans in the area that has been flooded can be helpful.


  • Disinfect the floor with soapy water. Mold spores can be killed with regular detergent and hot water, so there is no need to use a heavy chemical bleach to clean hard surfaces. Wipe down the area with a bucket filled with lukewarm water and a detergent of your choice and allow the floor to dry completely.


  • Reassemble the tack and padding tape to the floor once all the flooring is completely dry. Once the rug has completely air-dried on the outside, replace it by attaching to the tack strip. Steam clean the carpet with a commercial shampooer to remove any remaining mold spores. It is important to remember that when using the steam vacuum cleaner, do not over-saturate the carpet. Make sure the shampooer is powerful enough to suck up all the water and clean the solution it injected.


Tips and Warnings

It is a good idea to do a thorough inspection of the floor under the soaked carpet to make sure there is not any damage, especially if the floor underneath is wood. Wood that has been saturated with water can rot and warp, so you may want to consider replacing wood in areas that have been subjected to excess moisture before replacing carpet.

According to the Department of Emergency Management Resources, iif the flooding was a result of sewage, it is not advisable to clean your carpet. Instead, the carpet should be removed and disposed of properly as soon as possible to avoid health risks.


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