Carpet Stains Guide

To eliminate any type of stain from carpets, it is possible to resort to simple, fast or completely natural treatments, in full respect of fabrics and colors.


Types of stains on carpets

Removing stains from carpets is undoubtedly a delicate procedure, since the carpet represents a precious piece of furniture, in some cases antique or handmade with delicate fibers. For this, carpet cleaning must be very gentle but at the same time effective to preserve both the beauty and the integrity of the fabrics.


The spots present on the carpets can be caused by substances of all kinds, drinks, foods, cosmetics such as nail polish or blood can be made accidentally on the fleece of the carpet can damage it irreparably.



Methods for removing stains from carpets

To eliminate stains from carpets in a definitive way, it is preferable to intervene immediately and resort to some useful precautions: if for example the stain is due to a liquid, it is preferable to collect the fallen substance with a spoon and always proceed, in the cleaning operation, from the edges of the carpet towards the center of the liquid.


Subsequently, it is advisable to gently pat the stain with paper tissues or a cotton cloth and, if necessary, to use a small dose of dish detergent together with cold water and then brush the surface with a brush to clothes.


Once the washed area has dried, always restore the carpet fleece using a clothes brush by brushing in the direction of the fleece itself.


Among the most frequent stains, we find those due to the fall of alcohol or other drinks such as coffee or coke: in these cases, it will be necessary to absorb the liquid as much as possible with kitchen paper or a white cotton cloth.



If the stain is stubborn, use a solution of water and a little ammonia, blot again and dry with a cloth.


Alternatively, in the event that the stain still resists, you can try a solution of water and a little acetic acid.


  • Wine stains deserve a separate discussion. If the stain is fresh, avoid using too hot water which could damage the carpet: use lukewarm water, even sparkling water, mixed with liquid soap; or, if the stain is very resistant, adds hydrogen peroxide to the soap, applying everything using a spray or rubbing with a sponge in the case of sturdy fabrics.


  • To eliminate food stains from carpets it is necessary to use delicate detergent. If the stains are food grease, before cleaning, you must gently scrape over the stain with a spoon to try to remove as much dirt as possible.


Next, moisten a white cotton cloth with a solution of water and detergent and pat it dry. If the stain does not go away immediately, repeat the procedure using ammonia instead of simple soap. Dry with a clean cloth.


The same steps can also be followed for ice cream, chocolate or sauce stains like ketchup and mustard.


  • For milk stains, it is recommended that you first soak up the liquid with uncolored kitchen paper or a white cotton cloth. Then, moisten another cloth with water and a mild detergent and pat gently. Again, if the stain resists, try a solution of water and ammonia.


  • To remove cosmetic stains such as lipstick, after having always scraped the surface with a spoon, use water and ammonia to dab on the dirty area with a cloth.


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