Carpet Restoration

Carpet restoration is different from carpet cleaning. The professionals who take on carpet restoration will need to take several factors into account. For example, your carpet’s construction, and the extent of the carpet’s griminess must be considered. Carpet restoration is for carpet that’s been sorely neglected and abused.

If your carpet is burnt, stained, or discolored, you can simply place the large chair over the damaged area and forget about it. Or you can use our tips to bring your carpet back to its visual appeal.


How to restore carpet color

Often, self- removal of stains from the carpet by chemical means leads to discoloration. How do I restore the color of the carpet? To do this, you need regular acrylic paints, which can be purchased at any art store. Choose a paint color that best matches the color of the carpet pile. Using a thin brush, gently apply paint along the entire length of the discolored fibers.


Alternatively, you can use a felt-tip pen or marker of the appropriate color instead of paint.


How to remove dents in carpet

To get rid of the dents on the carpet, which are left from the legs of furniture, you can use an iron with a vertical steaming function.


Hold the iron a short distance over the damaged area to allow the steam to reach the surface of the carpet. But do not touch the carpet with the iron, especially if it is made of synthetic material. Then, use the edge of a coin or spoon to lift the carpet threads, so that, their direction matches the direction of the carpet threads in the undamaged areas.


Loose threads on the carpet

If there is a loose thread on your carpet, just cut it off at the level of the carpet pile. Do not try to pull it out, otherwise you risk unraveling part of the carpet.


How to repair a burnt carpet

If the burned-out area is small in area, then it can be restored by the method of growing fibers.


First, cut out all the charred fibers with scissors and carefully pour transparent glue into the resulting “hole.” Then cut off the fluff from an inconspicuous part of the carpet (for example, under a nightstand, armchair or sofa). When the glue hardens a little, stick the fibers into the glue so that they evenly cover the entire area of ​​the burned area. At the same time, try to match the direction of the fibers with the direction of the carpet fibers in adjacent, undamaged areas.


If the carpet is not burnt to the very bottom in a small area, simply cut off the charred portions of the pile with scissors. A small area of ​​carpet with slightly shortened fibers will be less noticeable.


If the burnt area of ​​the carpet is large, then you can restore it by placing a patch. Cut out the damaged area and replace it with the same shape and size. Attach the new piece of carpet to the floor using double-sided tape or latex glue.


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Carpet Restoration
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