How To Clean The Carpet In Stairs

Staircase carpets undeniably bring a touch of beauty to a home. To give a long life to your staircase coverings, professional carpet cleaning is to be carried out periodically. Qualified professionals can clean carpets quickly and efficiently while making sure they look new again. With efficient professional techniques, the carpet is freed from dirt. Spraying an ecological product on the carpet gives guarantees of satisfactory results without having to resort to the use of water and detergent. This product contains a neutral PH which helps to eliminate the risk of allergies or intolerance. Professional brushing scrupulously respects the fibers while being effective in bringing out impurities. This step is followed by the hooping which consists of absorbing all the dirt. A flexible and rotating brush facilitates the penetration of the cup between the fibers for more efficiency. The cleaning operation ends with the passage of the vacuum cleaner to remove any imperfections on the carpet. The vacuum head has micro-brushes capable of removing all stains from the carpet with repetitive movements. The carpet regains a vibrant and attractive appearance without forgetting the possibility of immediate reuse.


Laying a staircase carpet

To harmonize the interior decoration of a house, it is advisable to lay a staircase carpet. It is an action that makes it possible to make the link between the decoration of furniture and that of the stairs. It therefore brings a touch of charm and elegance to the entire house. A staircase carpet is durable against the assaults of regular ascents and descents. It is therefore more appropriate to opt for a carpet that is firm and capable of withstanding heavy loads. The installation of the staircase carpet obeys specific constraints according to the variety of the steps that they are straight, wrapped or revolving. Frequent use of steps can jeopardize the good performance and integrity of the carpet. It is up to homeowners to take effective steps to optimize the health of staircase carpets. To achieve this, care must be taken to ensure that the carpets are cut according to the measurements, sizes and nature of the stairs. It is then advisable to apply to lay the carpet while taking the time to better cover the nose, the tread and the riser.


Steam cleaning

The dirt is encrusted especially in the center of the steps of the staircase and on the tips of the steps. Steam cleaning is suitable for staircase carpet. This cleaning technique preserves the quality of the fibers of the carpet over time, it does not use any detergent or other chemical containing product. Professionals performs steam carpet cleaning on your staircase using a small amount of water and a few drops of ecological product. Steam is ideal for disinfecting the coating and removing dust mites.


Ecological cleaning

To avoid the risk of allergic reactions, professionals uses a 100% ecological product for cleaning your staircase carpet. The product used is non-toxic, it leaves no residue in the fibers of the coating, which ensures its cleanliness and longevity. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning does not wet the upholstery. The active substances contained in the product make it possible to effectively get rid of fats and the most recalcitrant stains. This cleaning technique also eliminates the presence of dust mites that find refuge in the fibers of the carpet.


How to choose the cleaning technique for a staircase carpet

For the cleaning of staircase carpet, it is necessary to choose the right method to preserve the quality of the fibers of the carpet as well as its color. The choice of the cleaning method is made according to several criteria:


– The type of soil


– The type of carpet


– The condition of the carpet


– The frequency of carpet maintenance


Go through a professional to clean a staircase carpet

Many of you appreciate the comfort and warmth that rugs provide, whether in your home or in professional premises. They are also real decorative elements and can add a lot of character to a room. If they are not lacking in qualities and advantages, they can nevertheless be synonymous with disadvantages. The most important of them? Their cleaning. This is why your Classy Carpet and Rug Cleaning offers you its services for cleaning your carpet in Pleasanton!

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