How To Keep The Living Room Clean When There Are Babies In The House

IT’S hard to keep a clean and tidy house when you have children at home, especially when they are small. But if you are a maniac and like order, rest assured: all is not lost! Our tips will help you put your home in good order.

When you have young children, it can be difficult to keep a clean house.


Obviously, between the crumbs found everywhere under the table after each meal, the toys lying around and the clothes thrown at the foot of the bed, it is difficult to manage to keep the house.


Difficult, but not impossible, however, especially if you have a good method!


Discover our tips for maintaining order and hygiene in your home right away.



Getting into the habit of cleaning the house at the same time every day will make it easier to get started.


In addition, by cleaning regularly and always at the same time of the day, you also send a clear message to the other members of the family: you make it clear to your children (and to your man!) That you should not disturb except in emergencies, and you also show them that tidying up the house is work.


Indeed, if you get into the habit of always tidying up or cleaning everything when they are lying down, they will never realize the work that it can represent for you, and they will continue to disturb everything without even trying to put things in their place.



Kids are able to make a mess around the house in no time at all, and that can be very discouraging, especially if you don’t tidy up as you go!


So to avoid that everything is disturbed and not to be completely overwhelmed, the best is to pick up the objects lying around as soon as you have the opportunity.


Also ask your children to put each toy away after they have finished playing with it, and not to take out more until they have put away the previous ones.


At first, it will be a bit difficult to get them into this habit, but once they have this reflex, you will be really relieved and the house will be much better tidy right away!



Children like to gain independence, do things on their own, and feel useful.


So in addition to teaching them how to put away their toys, also encourage them to put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket and systematically throw trash in the trash.


You can even ask them for their help in wiping furniture or sorting laundry before putting it in the washing machine.


By giving them responsibilities from an early age, they will feel useful, give you a real helping hand and develop good habits that will serve them later.



With or without children, it’s hard to have a clean, tidy house when it’s filled with items, knick-knacks, and unnecessary mess lying around useless.


I would even say that by piling up piles of clothes in the bedroom, old magazines in the living room, and a ton of pots and pans in the kitchen, you can be sure you have a dirty house.


Why? For the simple reason that you are not Superwoman and that you neither have the time nor the strength to put it all away on your own.


Or, when you’ve finally found the courage to tidy up, you probably don’t have the energy to clean up thoroughly.


So think about getting into the habit of sorting, tidying up right away, getting help, and you will see that your house will be more easily clean and tidy … at least until your little ones decide to take out all their toys in the living room!



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