Dry Cleaning Of Carpet

The attitude towards carpets is usually based on personal preference, but few would argue that carpets create a warm atmosphere and comfort in the house. But since they are laid on the floor, the most actively exploited area of ​​housing, it is not surprising that sooner or later the surface of the carpet becomes dusty and unsightly.


And this is in the best case, since all sorts of stains can appear on the carpet, which, being easily wiped off the floor, are removed with great difficulty from the carpet pile. Many, unable to cope with the pollution deeply embedded in the carpet pile, give the carpets to dry cleaning. However, it is no secret that dry cleaning is not suitable at all for all carpets, especially those made on the basis of silk or wool, for which contact with moisture is contraindicated. Dry cleaning will not damage the synthetic fiber in any way. But, since it is somehow necessary to deal with the contamination of carpets, it remains to rely on the advice of those who are a professional in cleaning carpets.


And according to these tips, the best way to get rid of dirt is to dry clean carpets, which at first glance seem very time consuming. After all, in essence, a dry way to clean carpet means that you have to give up all the liquid detergents that we are so used to using. Rather, a small amount of liquid is still used, however, leaving the carpet dry. The essence of the process of dry cleaning of carpets is to use a common, familiar sponge. It is she who is used in a special dry cleaner, with the help of which the dirty surface of the carpet is cleaned, with the preliminary application of a few drops of a special liquid, like a gel. This liquid is capable of handling any kind of dirt, whether it is organic or chemical.


After applying the liquid, the cleaner should be slightly moistened with water or a weak solvent, preferably environmentally friendly. To clean the carpet with a dry method, it is enough to treat the carpet pile with a slightly damp cleaner, which will remain dry, despite the presence of a small amount of liquid during the cleaning process.


The cleaning itself is carried out in the following sequence: first of all, a special liquid and a small amount of water or solvent are applied to the sponge cleaner. Further, the cleaning liquid is rubbed into the pile of the carpet, and the deeper its penetration, the better the cleaning will be. This is done with a dry carpet cleaning machine that uses a sponge cleaner. For deep penetration of liquid into the base of the carpet, the head of the cleaning machine also includes brushes moving according to the principle of counter-rotation.


The last stage of cleaning is the vacuum treatment of the carpet, with the help of which the pile is cleared of the liquid that has penetrated deep into the interior and the dirt dissolved by it. This method is best used by those who own a rare silk or woolen carpet, as well as the owners of expensive handmade carpets made from natural fibers.


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